Weekend Vid Picks: Harold Pinter and Eartha Kitt, Deceased

The funny thing about Christmas is that when you’re hip-deep in familial celebration, the outside world rarely intrudes. Which means that when you fire up your computer on Dec. 26th, there’s a lot of catch-up to be done, especially when it comes to celebrity deaths.

This year, two very different figures passed away on Dec. 24th. Considered “the master of the pause,” playwright Harold Pinter’s dialogue had a rhythm unlike that of any other writer, and as revealed in conversation with Charlie Rose, his writing always embraced a heightened awareness of the world.

Meanwhile, Eartha Kitt had one of those unusual and intoxicating voices that caused every word to sound like it came from another, slightly naughtier world. Here she is in 1962, making evil sound like a whole lot of fun.

She was also the original performer of the Christmas classic Santa Baby, one of the great sexy carols of the season.