Broadband Content Bits: Freeview Guide, Tiered iPlayer, Tiscali Sale, Kangaroo Warning, Playdo VC

Freeview: The DTT platform has launched a web-based TV guide for the channels it carries, with email programme reminders. Via TechRadar.

iPlayer BBC vision and online group controller Anthony Rose is spooking net neutrality worriers (like ITProPortal) with talk of a “tiere” iPlayer, which we understand will be rolled out next year. Rose told EBU: “What we need to do is to create the iPlayer services at different quality levels, then ISPs will be able to work out how to sell that. Every content provider should create such quality tiers and then ISPs will be able to build business models around these propositions. We could introduce a new scalable business model. For example, the user can get a good quality iPlayer service for, say, £10 a month but for £20, a much better iPlayer quality would be available.” Rose is simply talking about scaling iPlayer picture quality for increasingly fast broadband connections.

Tiscali: Reuters says the ISP will present a “new strategic plan in the first weeks of 2009”. now backs up last week’s report that BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) has put acquisition talks on ice, complaining of an excessive asking price. Will Tiscali pull the sale or announce a buyer or an extension?

Kangaroo: ITV (LSE: ITV) and Channel 4 should consider abandoning the VOD JV because it will cost them £15 million each in ’09, this new Enders outlook warns. Enders estimates the project has cost the pair and BBC Worldwide £25 million so far in staff, development and rights costs, says. Due to the state of video advertising, the broadcasters would be better off focusing on the BBC’s offer to share its iPlayer technology, an offer which drew a hostile response from C4.

Playdo The Stockholm-based online gaming and virtual worlds platform has raised three million euros in VC financing led by UK casual games outfit Miniclip and Northzone Ventures, brokered by GP Bullhound. Playdo‘s Spineworld virtual world has over a miullion members and has premium subscription offerings. Via TowerOne.