Deca’s Bush League Strikes Out

Bush, the dude-centric web series/blog launched by Deca in May of last year, was shut down in December. Deca CEO Michael Wayne confirmed the site was shuttered in a phone conversation this afternoon. Though the Bush League site is still up, it has not been updated since Dec. 18.

It’s not much of a surprise as the writing was on the wall for Bush League practically since its inception. The web is not short on programming for guys, and Bush League didn’t have any special hook that made it stand out in the crowd. (NewTeeVee contributor Steve Bryant referred to the group producing it as “charming ass-hats.”). Even Deca CEO Michael Wayne indicated that Bush League was not long for this world back in October, when he told ClickZ:

“The producers who pitched it were very talented, but the idea could have been more focused,” said Wayne. “After it launched, instead of standing out of the crowd it became one of a thousand sites targeted to young men.”

The golden age of web series has run head on into the economic realities, with a number of them getting the axe over the past year. Yahoo deep-sixed The 9, Revision3 canceled the shows Internet Superstar, Pixel Perfect and PopSiren, and CBS stopped making new episodes of Moblogic.

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