SundaySky Raises $8 Million

SundaySky, an automated video services startup, announced this week that it has raised $8 million in a Series A round led by Carmel Ventures and Globespan Capital.

SundaySky’s video platform creates a customized template for a company such as an e-commerce site to create videos. Once the platform is plugged into the site, SundaySky can automatically and dynamically create a customized video for every page. For example, if site is selling laptops, SundaySky’s software scans the a particular product’s page and integrates an image of the laptop, the price, product info, review, etc. into a video clip. The result is professional-looking, clickable product sales video that will automatically update as elements to the page change, so if the camera goes on sale, the video immediately reflects the new price.

Here’s an example from the Israel e-commerce site It’s in Hebrew, but you can get the jist:

SundaySky has a team of animators and scriptwriters who create tailor-made videos for each site. Other target verticals for SundaySky include social networks and media publishers. Another player in the automatic video creation space is Animoto, which got into the commercial space last summer, but it does not automatically update a video based on information on the page.

Based in Tel Aviv, SundaySky has 25 employees and was angel funded prior to this first institutional round.