Daily Apple: Pandora, Doctors, Android @Home, & Palm Returns

Pandora 2.0 Comes to the App Store – Everyone’s favorite internet radio app gets a major upgrade today. Cover flow is introduced, and an improved recommendation engine. Us here in Canada are still out of luck. There’s also other new features, but I’m too bitter and jealous to tell you about them.

Apple iPod Touch Ad Requests Triple in December – According to advertising company Ad Mob, requests coming from the iPod Touch tripled in December, which probably indicates that a bunch more people were using them, or using them more often, in December. Probably not 3 times more, but a good amount, anyway.

Skyscape Medial Resources on iPhone Reaches 100,000 Users – That means doctors and other medical professionals have taken quite a shining to the things. The apps in question feature information on various pharmaceuticals, including clinical trials and drug interactions. Maybe it’s not only doctors using this app, actually…

Finally, An iPhone For The Extremely Rich and Vain – Right from the start, I knew the iPhone needed more diamonds. I mean it’s ridiculous. How many does it have now? 1? None? For the low price of two and half million dollars, it can have lots more.

Android Desktop Phone Designed by iPhone Engineer – An Android desktop phone, for $300? Is that even useful? Either way, it was designed by a former iPhone engineer, so you know it’ll be a quality piece of hardware, at least.

Palm Introduces New Smartphone – While we were all distracted by Phil and his keynote debut, Palm was introducing a new smartphone called the Pr? which makes me angry because of the uneccessary accent. It also runs a brand new OS, called Web OS, which is based on multi-touch gestures. Definite departure for Palm. We’ll see if the gamble pays off.