CES 2009- netbooks taking the press corps by storm

eee-pc-2Gadget freaks that we are we are always on the lookout to spot great mobile gear in use in public.  It gives us a feel for how far into the maintream particular types of mobile gear are penetrating.   We pay special attention to the mobile gear we spot in use at the CES convention to help us spot trends.

We expected to see netbooks in use at the CES and we haven’t been disappointed.  What has surprised us however is how much the lowly netbook has penetrated into the press corps here at the CES.  Sure we expected to see members of the press who cover technology to be savvy about the mobile benefits of the small and light netbook but even so the number of netbooks we’ve seen in just a few days has been staggering.  Everytime we enter a press room or bloggers lounge at the CES we are sure to see multiple netbooks in use with fingers flying over the keyboards.

One time yesterday I walked into a crowded press room and started counting netbooks in use on the tables and gave up after hitting 20.  That is easily the most netbooks I have ever seen in one room before, and that includes retail outlets.  The lowly netbook is here to stay no question.  What is really cool is seeing how often netbook users are approached by others wanting to know how well they work.  The conversation quickly turns to how easy netbooks are to travel with and use in mobile settings such as the convention.

I would have to say that the various EEE PC netbook models are the most popular netbooks in use at the CES if you lump all models together.  I’ve also seen quite a few MSI Winds (or rebadged variants) too.  I have only seen one Dell Mini 9 and no Acer Aspire Ones.