Smartphone developers lining up to support Palm Web OS

palm-pre-browser1One of the most asked questions following the announcement of the Palm Pre running the new Web OS is whether third party developers will be producing apps for the new platform.  Palm made it clear yesterday they are encouraging third party apps to be developed and we are already starting to see smartphone developers announcing Palm versions of their programs.

Handcase, maker of over 300 apps for smartphones has announced they will produce their entire line of programs for the Palm Web OS platform.

“This plan was already being developed, almost a year. With the launch of the new Palm platform, just announced the anticipated launch of the future” explains Ricardo Garay CEO of Handcase.

I expect to hear similar announcements almost immediately from many of the major smartphone developers who will want to jump on the Palm Pre.  Palm has long supported third party developers as the tens of thousands of apps out there for the old Palm OS will attest.