Fast Lane Daily Racks Up Serious Mileage With 500+ Episodes

[show=fastlanedaily]There are those who assume that the automobile — at least when working properly — is merely a utilitarian machine that facilitates transportation from Point A to Point B. For this particular demographic, the mere existence of a daily web show devoted to everything cool on wheels might be baffling. What could there possibly be to talk about on an ongoing basis? Sure, some cars look nicer and go faster than others, but besides that…?

And then there are those who believe with every fiber of their being that the greatest invention since the wheel was the invention of “wheels,” plural — also referred to as a “sweet ride” or “the sh**” if the machine in question is of a particularly high caliber. It is, of course, this audience that Fast Lane Daily seeks to serve with a five-times-a-week dose of the most up-to-the-minute news pertaining to cars and motorcycles, and the people who love them. Really, really, really love them.

This is a larger audience than you might expect, given that Fast Lane — from the robustly funded NextNewNetworks — has recently ripped past the 500 episode-mark with incredible viewing stats. The show deftly encapsulates everything within its realm of specialty, from news about big automaker bailouts to the latest model prototypes, from concept cars to electric ones…and it’s not just real-world vehicles that make headlines. Heck, you don’t have to be a fully immersed auto aficionado to be curious about what all the cyborgs will be driving come summer — at least in the latest Terminator flick.

Alternating with regular hosting duties are wisecracking Derek DeAngelis, and uber-babes Carrie Milbank and Alex Gizela. While devoted fans of the series are just as likely to salivate over shots of a Maserati in action as anything, it certainly can’t hurt to throw in some punchlines or, more notably, the hottie hostesses. Beyond that, the pacing is fast enough, and episodes brief enough, to keep things interesting, even for those motivated more by casual curiosity than full-fledged vehicular obsession. If anything, the series can serve as an excellent primer for those wishing to take a stab at attempting up-to-date conversation with those who eat, sleep and breathe wheels.

Will Fast Lane convert the non-believers, specifically those who are perfectly content with their fully functional mini-vans and economy sedans? Probably not, but for everyone else, the show does provide a sweet ride en route to auto enlightenment.