Qrimp: Database Web Apps Made Simple

qrimplogo1I am not usually one to create databases, or web apps. Typically, my job is to produce content, be it text or image, and let others worry about number, data, programming etc. That said, when working as a freelancer, you don’t always have the luxury of sticking to your specialty and hoping someone else will take care of the bits you’re not so sure about.

Looking around for a solution that would do some hand-holding while helping you set up databases and produce reports, I came across Qrimp (pronounced “crimp”). Qrimp is extensible, and customizable, so don’t get the impression that it would only appeal to hopeless cases like myself, but that is the angle I’ll be using to talk about the software.

picture-23After viewing the video demo available here, I set about seeing if I could replicate the same sort of thing using an expense report for my freelancing business covering a three month period. The data recognition used by Qrimps seems solid, since it accurately set up the table using the information I’d copied and pasted from my excel spreadsheet. It automatically knew what was a date, what was a dollar amount, etc. And in form view, data fields were easily rearranged without me having to look at even a scrap of code.

picture-16I also played with the live demo, where I went into existing reports to see what else you could do with Qrimp. With the “Oscars” database, you can see how easy it is for the web app to pull live data from external links, in this case IMDB. If you were working with a client, you could pull live data from their own web analytics or reporting tools, and the information would be instantly available, in table and report form.

Qrimp is a good resource for those of us who may have the creative chops or experience to devliver a great product, but who may not have the time, patience, or inclination to organize the numbers that businesses are really concerned with. Pricing starts at $5o per month, but if it saves me as much time and stress as I think it’s going to, it’ll be worth the money.