Zoho Takes a Page from Google: Adds Notebook Import, Plug-In


Quick, where’s that important note you need right this second? If it’s in Google Notebook, you might want to consider looking at Zoho. They’re taking a page right out of Google and seizing an opportunity. Last week Google announced they were shutting down several services: Jaiku, Google Video, and Dodgeball to name a few. Google Notebook is on the list as well, although it’s not shutting down at this time. It won’t see any additional development however, nor will the browser extension work with it. Effectively, you could keep jotting notes with it but without an expected future for the application or usable plug-in, do you want to?

That’s where Zoho is stepping in. They’ve quickly developed and announced Notebook replacement that fits nicely in their cloud productivity suite. Zoho has a Google Notebook import tool and supporting beta plug-in for Firefox all ready to go. The import instructions appear fairly straight-forward; I’m not a Google Notebook user, so I didn’t try them. Here are the three steps:

The Firefox plug-in offers two easy-to-use features that quickly get content into your Zoho Notebook. Select any text and right click to see a “Add to Zoho Notebook” option. Likewise, you can snap a screenshot of any web page or region of a page and have it added to your Notebook.zoho-notebook-screen-snap

Props to Zoho for quickly making an import option and a plug-in available in such a short time. This is key aspect of end-user cloud computing that many folks often overlook. Since the software or service is centralized, the provider can be nimble when making changes: develop it, test it, launch it. BAM! It’s there for usage by every single customer in one fell swoop. There’s no having to worry about customers with various software versions, no packaging, no media creation and no delays.

We’re still waiting for cloud computing services to catch up with fully featured software applications, but speed to market and quick solutions are two advantages that I continue to enjoy with these services.