Open Thread: Name That One Web Startup You Can’t Live Without

logosmashupEarlier today, I asked folks who follow me on Twitter: “Which is that one web startup you can’t live without. Just one. Google products not allowed. no Yahoo. STARTUP Offering(s) only. And no Twitter!” In the early days of what is Web 2.0 we saw the emergence of products and services such as Moveable Type, Flickr and Amongst early adopters, these apps were pretty popular. Flickr and were acquired by Yahoo. Moveable Type is part of SixApart, a thriving software startup.

I just wanted to see if a new generation of must-have services had emerged. In response to my question, I ended up getting a pretty diverse set of answers from Twitter-land. Three startups that got a lot of mentions were: Evernote, FriendFeed and Sure there were mentions of Digg and Facebook, but those three got most mentions. Remember The Milk, Xobni and Dropbox were other names that were mentioned. With the exception of Mint, I pretty much use (or have used) products made by these startups on a daily basis. I can see why people can’t live without them. My pick is Remember The Milk. What’s yours?

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PS #2: I blame all this talk about Twitter today on Pat Phelan who is looking for some Twitter intervention.