Road warrior’s delight- Adapt MPJ-101 pico projector

mpj_101_3We’ve been hearing about “pico projectors” for a good while, those tiny pocketable projectors that are far easier to travel with than the bigger standard projectors in the big bags.  Pico projectors are the size of small gadgets but have promised to deliver a good presentation experience and it has become clear that many companies are working on them.  Some firms have even been trying to cram a projector inside a cell phone, although I’m not sure what the benefit of such a feature would really be.

The Adapt MPJ-101 projector is a real, live pico projector that you can buy now.  This little guy is definitely cute but word on the street is it is a decent projector on top of the good looks.  Road warriors should be salivating at the thought of traveling with this little jewel, if they can afford a thousand bucks for it.  Little projectors don’t come cheap.

According to Adapt the MPJ-101 will project 640 x 480 screens from 6 – 50 feet with 10 lumens of brightness.  That is no where near what you can do with a “real” projector but let’s face it, you’d love to be traveling with this companion.

(via engadget)