White-Label Video Shops, Compared

We promised once upon a time that we could compile a side-by-side comparison of all the white-label video platform providers. Well, somehow other fun things got in the way, and we never got around to it. But recently I found a market comparison of all the folks powering video management and delivery compiled by one such company, Endavo Media. We’ve never covered Endavo before but we connected on Twitter, where they’d posted a link to the comparison chart. As always, the company who created it comes off looking the best, but even so it’s nice to see quite so many of the players organized by feature sets in one place. (Update: Please see the excellent comments from competitors and customers correcting the chart.) Here’s the chart:

Update 2/19: Endavo apparently modified this chart from a Marketing Mechanics report without permission. Marketing Mechanics has provided us with an updated chart (please click through to download the PDF, as it’s way bigger than will fit on our page).

Endavo apparently has a complicated corporate history. As we’ve seen time and again, enterprise video was a Plan B (or C or D). From Endavo’s about page:

Endavo Media was originally founded and incorporated (CeriStar) in 1999 by a group of technology entrepreneurs led by former CEO of Iomega Corporation. In 2002, CeriStar acquired a non-operating public company and began operations as a public company in September 2002. The company changed its name to Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. in September 2004, to better reflect the company’s direction as a business. Funded through the public holding company through 2007, Endavo Media was sold to management by its parent company in early 2008 and is now a privately held company.

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