Vid-Biz: Discovery, Do-Gooders, Starz

Discovery Channel Mines the Vault; clips from 23 years’ worth of shows get new life (and ad dollars) on the web. “‘Cheetahs are still killing gazelles the same way they did 3,000 years ago,’ Doug Craig, the senior vice president for digital media production, said, ‘and on top of that, we don’t have to pay residuals.'” (The New York Times)

Google’s Top “Do-Gooders” to Be Announced Tomorrow; video contest asked the masses to come up with the next great idea, many of them have to do with climate change and you can vote for your favorite. (Earth2Tech)

Starz Said to be Creating Tom and Sam WebComedy Series; former Arrested Development writers developing the series about two guys from the future stranded in the present. (MediaWeek) (See original episodes at Tom And Sam Are Stuck) UPDATE: A Starz representative said there was nothing to confirm about the MediaWeek’s story, and that the network is in talks with many different creators about a number of different projects.

DeleetDelete Your YouTube Comments; embarrassed by what you wrote about a video? Now you can remove your commentary on videos. (YouTube Blog)

Just Fifty-six Percent of HDTV Owners Get HD Service; 17 million households with HDTV sets are not watching programming in HD. (Multichannel News)

Affine Systems Tracks TV News on YouTube; in partnership with, firm finds Fox clips get more views on YouTube but watchers spend more time on CNN’s. (release)

Heavy Launches YouTube Channel; original programming from the men’s network to be distributed across the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. (emailed release)