Revision3 Views Up 140% Despite Self-Imposed Standards

Online video studio Revision3 said today its program views are up 140 percent, with 46 million views in 2008 as compared to 19 million views in 2007.

revision3Last year Revision3 reported it had delivered 25 million videos (and 103 million “clips”). The startup later revised that number to 19 million, it told us today, as it became more stringent about its statistics. Now Revision3 counts only a full episode play or download, as opposed to a stream simply being started. Most other video sites are far more liberal. Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback has become a militant advocate of stricter viewership numbers (see his recent blog post titled “The Lies Must Stop“).

While that’s an admirable cause, it doesn’t make Revision3 — which was forced to cut some of its programming and staff in Oct. 2007 — look that good compared to its competitors. Next New Networks claimed 300 million views in 2008. Yesterday Break reported 35 million plays of its branded content productions “in the past few months.”

Revision3 does tend to run longer content than its competitors. To account for that, it also now reports the number of views for each “segment” of a show — for instance, Diggnation is divided into six segments. The network had 129 million segment views in ’08. All told, that amounts to nearly 1 billion minutes of content watched.