Daily Sprout

Make Way for Lemons: GM CFO Fritz Henderson says automakers still have a lot to learn about battery science, which means there are going to be some absolute lemons in the brave new world of electrical transport. — Telegraph

China, Europe, Come Together on Climate: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabau and EU officials today signed agreements meant to reduce demand for illegal timber and establish a permanent center in Beijing to promote clean energy technologies. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Big Three Nix Super Bowl Ad Blitz: Chrysler, Ford, and GM, which plugged its Yukon Hybrid during last year’s broadcast, have opted out of the pricey Super Bowl advertising game. — Edmunds

The Problems With Geo-Engineering: Two new studies on geo-engineering, which holds that humanity should consider planet-wide engineering projects to reduce the side-effects of fossil fuel combustion, suggest hopes for this high-tech last ditch effort are misplaced. — The Economist