Weekend Vid Picks: David After Dentist, Meme-ized

It’s been a while since some surprising found footage took over online video, and this week we had two instances pop up: Christian Bale’s over-the-top tirade against unprofessional DPs, and David After Dentist, a video of a 7-year-old boy tripping out after undergoing dental surgery.

Both memes are undoubtedly embarrassing for those involved, but there’s something pure and simple about David’s drug-induced ramblings, so the fact that the meme has evolved in a reliably bizarre fashion seems quite natural. First, of course, there’s the dance remix:

Then the animated version:

The death metal tribute:

And, finally, the mash-up with another ongoing meme (NSFW thanks to Christian Bale):

David’s father, who was filming on a Flip camera, might have considered what possible effects becoming the new Dramatic Chipmunk might have on his son. But by the time David’s old enough to really care about it, it’ll just be another tired meme (just like the Dramatic Chipmunk today, truth be told). So in the meantime, enjoy.