Daily Sprout

Finavera Forfeits Wave Power Permits: Finavera Renewables plans to give up its FERC license for two Pacific Coast wave energy pilot projects so it can focus on developing wind power in British Columbia and Ireland. — Energy Business Review

Can You Charge Me Now? Good: Evan Thornley of Better Place Australia breaks down the plan for Down Under in a detailed interview, and says the country will have 99.8 percent network coverage within two decades. — CNET Australia

Electric Cars to Be Made in China, Sold at Wal-Mart: Mexico-based GS Motors plans to sell China-made electric vehicles at big box retailers like Costco and Wal-Mart in the U.S. within five years. — Cleantech Group

Aliens Off the Hook for Turbine Damage: Remember the mysteriously snapped wind turbine we covered last month — the one that locals thought might have had something to do with a UFO? Turns out it was worn out bolts. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Cities Get Smart: A growing movement in Europe envisions futuristic “smart cities” — self-sufficient energy systems where construction firms (would rival power suppliers. — Reuters