Apple Documentaries for the ‘Fanboy’ in All of Us


Apple (s aapl) has been a “recent” devotion for me. Within the last six years have I come to appreciate the quality and design that goes into the products I use daily. So why not better understand the culture and devotion behind the company? If you love your Apple product enough to sit through a documentary or two, here are a few to get you started.


MacHeads is a deep dive into the culture and aura surrounding Apple. Meet dedicated people, probably not too far from ourselves, as they reveal their inner devotion to everything Apple. You’ll meet some interesting, and possibly random people through this journey, but it will give you a better understanding of why so many love their Apple products. Enjoy interviews from Guy Kawasaki, and other Apple cultists. Currently the video is available for sale or rental through iTunes and Amazon.

Welcome to Macintosh

If you’re looking for a more historical approach to the world of Apple, Welcome to Macintosh covers everything from the early beginnings, to its revitalization, and now to its evolution. Featured guests also include Guy Kawasaki. In my opinion, this one feels a bit more polished then MacHeads, and offers more than just the cultists viewpoint.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

The “classic,” if there ever was a classic, regarding the history of both Apple and Microsoft would be Pirates of Silicon Valley. Not so much a documentary, but definitely worth of mentioning. You’ll at least glimpse the early beginnings of Mac vs. PC commercials.

Non-Mac Documentaries

Just in case you like documentaries or design, I recommend checking out Sketches of Frank Gehry. It’s amazing to see the thought process and inspirations that go into his greatest buildings. Also Helvetica is a really interesting look into typography and graphic design. Coming soon from the makers of Helvetica is Objectified, a documentary on industrial design. It features an interview from none other than Apple’s industrious Jonathan Ive. It’s still in its early screening phase, so sign up for announcements and future screenings.