Om Malik ditches iPhone due to AT&T

toiletI have traveled a lot lately and after my recent trip to San Francisco I observed that the AT&T service in that fair city simply sucks.  I figured that some of the problems I observed with lousy service were due to my brief and very narrow exposure to the AT&T network in SF but that is obviously not the case.

Recently our boss, Om Malik, ditched his iPhone due to his long-term dissatisfaction with the AT&T service in San Francisco.  I know from conversations with Om that he loves his iPhone which shows just how bad the AT&T service actually is on a continual basis.

“Anyway this morning, while conducting a phone interview, the call dropped on me twice. Enough was enough. A few minutes later, I went to T-Mobile’s company store and got myself a BlackBerry Curve 8900 for email and SMS. I also signed up for a plain-vanilla voice service from Verizon Wireless. And I already have a 32 GB iPod Touch for surfing and music. They can all be charged using the USB port of my Macbook, thereby obviating the need for extra chargers.

Is this an ideal solution? Probably not — but living with spotty service isn’t worth the trouble. The dream of living with a single device, a superphone, as we like to call it, hasn’t quite worked out yet, thanks to the network. Goodbye iPhone, it was nice knowing ya!”

I’ll be the first to admit that the AT&T service I get in Houston is not bad.  How bad the AT&T service in SF must be to get someone like Om to go with a solution that is unwanted yet necessary to get on with business.  Will Apple ever send the iPhone to another carrier in the US?