Where to Watch the Tour of California

adobetourofcaliforniaLive video is a slam dunk for sporting events, bringing in major viewership via the Olympics and golf’s U.S. Open and basketball’s March Madness, and significant paying audiences for sports from baseball to basketball to hockey to cricket.

One sport that gets hardly any oldteevee love whatsoever is professional cycling, though there’s certainly demand for it online, with 3.4 million Tour de France video downloads last year. And so a group of Adobe (s ADBE) employees have teamed up for the third year running to make a live tracking dashboard for the Amgen Tour of California, which starts Saturday right in their backyard of Sacramento.

This year the 9-day event will be fully broadcast with two live H.264 feeds streamed by Adobe partner Akamai (s AKAM), including a picture-in-picture option. There will also be live GPS data on Yahoo Maps, a real-time aggregation of related news feeds, chat, and professional photos of the race uploaded to tour. A screenshot of the site is embedded, though since the race hasn’t started it doesn’t really show too much yet.

Adobe is treating the app like a demo of what is possible, as it doesn’t offer this kind of customization as a service. The company donated its developer effort to the project, said product manager (and avid cyclist) Jen Taylor.

Taylor said last year’s tracker attracted “hundreds of thousands of users” each day of the event, and she anticipates a larger audience this time around due to the expectation that this will be Lance Armstrong’s only U.S. race of the year.