@ MWC: When Qualcomm’s MediaFLO Comes To The UK, “We’ll Do It With Partners”

imageQualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) is rethinking how it operates its mobile TV service in the U.S., and based on their early experiences, is radically changing course for how the company will approach the international market. Chem Assayag, who heads up business development for MediaFLO Technologies in Europe, said in an interview today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that rather than be a service provider in new markets, like MediaFLO is in the U.S., the company will play an integral role in bringing players to the table, and will only supply the technology — it will not buy spectrum, build towers, or source content. In addition, the company is eager to change the business in the U.S. from a subscription to a hybrid model, where most of the content is free and users pay to access additional content.

In particular, that also changes its approach in the UK, where it bought a significant chunk of spectrum in the UK for 8.3 million pounds last year. He said it’s still an attractive swath because they aren’t required to roll out mobile TV on it and it will be good for conducting trials, but “if we go to implement services there, we’ll do that with partners in the UK.” Similarly, in Japan, they’ve formed a joint venture with KDDI called MediaFLO Japan Planning Incorporated that will explore the roll out of MediaFLO (however, the regulators still need to release the spectrum for such a service). For more information, see the full interview at our sister site mocoNews.net.