Never Forget an Attachment with Outlook Attachment Reminder

If you use Outlook and sometimes get replies to your emails saying, “I think you might have forgotten the attachment,” you should check out Outlook Attachment Reminder, a simple VBScript macro. When you click the Send button it checks the body of the email for “attach” in the text (so it will also catch “attachment”, “attached”, etc). If “attach” is present and there is no attachment to the email a warning message pops up.

Outlook Attachment Reminder in action

Outlook Attachment Reminder in action

This is a really simple yet effective macro. It’s something that I had actually been meaning to put together myself for a while but never got around to.

If you use Thunderbird, you can try a similar add-on: Attachment Reminder. Google has a similar feature in Gmail Labs —  Forgotten Attachment Detector — but it doesn’t work for me.

(via Lifehacker)