Reorg At AOL’s Platform-A; Coleman’s Turn To Clean House; Two Ad Sales Execs Are Shuffled

This is the week of reorgs… Platform-A’s recently installed president, Greg Coleman, has informed his troops of big changes in ad sales. AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher has Coleman’s memo, which says that Mike Peralta is out as SVP, North America Sales, Global Accounts, along with Don Kennedy, SVP, ad sales, who will transition to another role. Coleman will take on Kennedy’s role as head of ad sales on an interim basis. Coleman also said ad inventory will be migrating to AdTech, the German ad serving company AOL bought in May 2007, suggesting that it would be moved from DoubleCick. AOL sources tell paidContent that no other execs’ statuses — besides Kennedy and Peralta’s — have changed, at least for the moment. The moves come the same day that Maneesh Dhir left his post as the head of AOL’s international publishing side.

Coleman’s predecessor, Lynda Clarizio, who he abruptly replaced earlier this month, was charged with integrating the various ad services and holdings AOL acquired over the past few years under Platform-A (NYSE: AOL). Even though the mission was mostly accomplished, Coleman now says there needs to be more changes in how the operation is organized. He envisions a “multi-tiered plan that will address [their] infrastructure,” which will include “role changes” and “bringing in new talent.” Coleman will oversee two days of meetings next Tuesday and Wednesday with regional ad sales executives to discuss the plan and get their input.

Falco’s goal: In a separate memo also obtained by Kara, AOL CEO Randy Falco outlines some of the company’s goals. Falco mainly provides an overview of the MediaGlow publishing unit — 30 more sites to be rolled out this year — and sidesteps the company’s display struggles, while instead praising the Platforms team for growing “the Search business worldwide by more than 7 percent year-over-year.”

Both Coleman’s and Falco’s memo’s after the jump.

From: Coleman, Greg
Sent: Thu 2/26/2009 7:00 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Unlocking Our Potential

Dear Platform-A colleagues,

When I met with you earlier this month, we talked about the big mission we