Title Tweaks: See When You Have New Gmail

Google (s goog) this week added a new Labs feature to Gmail, Title Tweaks, that easily lets you see whether you have unread messages in your Gmail inbox.

If you’re like me, you’ll nearly always have Gmail open in a tab on your browser. Unfortunately, when you open more than a few tabs, the tab width reduces to the point where you can no longer see how many unread messages there are.

Gmail running in an inactive tab

Gmail in an inactive tab

It’s unproductive to have to switch back to the Gmail tab just to check to see whether you have new email. If you enable Title Tweaks (to find it click Settings, then Labs), it moves the count of unread messages to the start of the page title. This means that you can see whether you have any new mail in your inbox by just glancing at your tabs.

Gmail in an ainactive tab with Title Tweaks enabled

Gmail in an inactive tab with Title Tweaks enabled

This is very simple enhancement, but it’s very handy. Note that it also means that if you have a browser window minimized, you can keep a check on unread emails in the taskbar, too.

What are you favorite Gmail Labs features?