Vid-Biz:,, Pro Content Launches iPhone App; beats Hulu to the mobile punch as the battle between the two premium content portals heats up. (Contentinople) Serves up 26.3 million Videos Since Jan. 22 Launch; 18 million of those came from the short-form content made available on the day of and following the event. (emailed release)

Professional Content Accounted for 41.6 Billion Views in 2008; study from Accustream iMedia Research found that pro content grew 25 percent last year, and that 30 percent of professionally produced online video was for kids. (eMarketer)

Heroes Prepares Fourth Web Series; despite the TV show’s ups and (mostly) downs, the superhero franchise is set to release another web series spinoff. (Tubefilter)

Koldcast TV Adds Six New Shows; broadband network adds a mix of comedy, drama and travel series. (release)

Canoe Ventures to Provide Programmers with Detailed Specs for ITV Applications; cable ad company finished up technical trial of a viewer-voting app late last year across several MSOs. (Multichannel News)

Concept TV Does Both Standard and Widescreen; odd concept design does away with those black bars. (Gizmodo)