Could the Palm Pre Run on Verizon’s “Open Network”?

verizon-logoAfter some Palm Pre daydreaming this weekend, a thought suddenly hit me. Didn’t Verizon (s VZ) introduce an open, “any apps, any device” plan in late 2007? The premise was the ability to have Verizon certify a non-Verizon device for their network so that you could bring your own device. The Palm (s PALM) Pre will be a Sprint (s S) exclusive here in the U.S. through 2009, but it uses the same CDMA technology that Verizon uses. Could you buy a Palm Pre from Sprint and get it certified to work on Verizon’s network, I wondered?

Maybe that was more of a nightmare than a dream. Last year, there weren’t a ton of non-Verizon devices allowed on to the network, and most of those were business or vertical-market specific. I suspect the certification process is so long and arduous that it would be faster to simply wait for the Pre to become an official Verizon offering in 2010 or beyond.

Popular opinion when it comes to Verizon appears to be a “great network but poor devices” thought. The sad thing is: a carrier stands to increase voice and data revenues by allowing more flexibility with devices. They don’t have to subsidize the hardware, and they can still reap the benefit of increased plan revenues. Sounds like a winner to me. It also sounds like I’ll be using the Pre on Sprint’s network in 2009 or I won’t be using it all.