Vid-Biz: Cable on Net, Scoble, NBC

No Over-the-Top Threat from Time Warner; Comcast May Not Charge; more detail on cable operators’ online video plans. (VideoNuze)

Robert Scoble Leaves Fast Company TV
; sponsor Seagate backed out; blogger doesn’t say what his next gig will be. (TechCrunch, Scobleizer)

NBC Wants Branded Web Content; NBCU VP Cameron Death says the network is “over-investing” on the web and planning “to over-deliver.” (MediaPost)

Ustream Does Celeb Mobile Live Streaming; moves to challenge Kyte, which has already tied up a lot of these deals. (Ustream blog)

Cathay Pacific Apologizes to Angry Woman Who Missed Flight; airline employee made video of woman’s ridiculous tantrum that has 5 million views. (video, BusinessWeek)