Weekend Question: Quality vs. Convenience?

Go-go gadget guy Dave Zatz has a post up asking, “Where’s the HD Amazon VOD?” He points to various hints (his “mole” at TiVo (s TIVO) talking about an Amazon (s AMZN) HD service, and a post on Amazon’s End User blog) that indicate HD streams are on the way from the retailer — but until then, your VOD is strictly SD. Our question to you is: Given the ability to choose from mor than 40,000 titles from your couch (or the 12,000 on Netflix), does the convenience of the video trump the quality?

Let’s just get this caveat out of the way. OBVIOUSLY everything is better in HD, and at some point Amazon will offer the high-def streaming. And let’s add another caveat that, at least in my tests so far, Amazon’s picture quality is not hideous and not as spotty as Netflix’s streaming.

I used to be an HD snob, but after playing with the Amazon VOD on Roku, a little fuzziness around the edges just didn’t bother me, and I became a don’t-have-to-leave-the-house snob (though for rentals only — I wouldn’t purchase SD content).

So we turn the question over to the NewTeeVee audience. How much video quality are you willing to sacrifice in the name of convenience?

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