ffwd Hops on Twitter Bandwagon with Twitmatic

twitmaticVideo discovery service ffwd has created a new project called Twitmatic, which surfaces videos being shared by Twitter users. Like the OneRiot “real-time” video search engine that we covered yesterday, Twitmatic tries to extract timely and relevant stuff to watch by analyzing postings and social activity on the web.

Twitmatic was a little weird when we tried it earlier today, but it seems to be working fine now. Yes, there’s a lot of missing functionality — right now it’s pretty much just a random video plopped on your screen — but ffwd has already promised via blog post to add features such as support for Twitter trending terms, search and permalinks. What I like is that Twitmatic is already bringing in a wider variety of video hosts than most video popularity indexes, with Yahoo, MySpace, Qik, Vimeo, Viddler and of course YouTube showing up just now. But I have to give it a major ding for alerting me to the existence of this Barbie music video.