How Microsoft Keeps Out The Lame Apps

imageMore details are sneaking out about Microsoft’s upcoming marketplace for Windows Mobile phones, and the fine print is concerning some developers, who are asking whether Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is building a marketplace to benefit developers, or a business to line its own pockets. The issue highlights a problem that will likely grow as Microsoft and other handset-makers begin to work more closely with developers — that is, they will have to appear as open as possible for publicity’s sake, but also create large enough hurdles to keep the quality of applications up and keep the workload manageable.
Microsoft announced earlier this month that developers will have to pay an annual registration fee of $99. For that, they can submit up to five applications. But now developers are finding out that also includes updates, whether they are an entirely new software version or just correcting a typo.
Tech enthusiast Long Zheng wrote about this in his blog today: “I