Outlook 2007 Gets Big Performance Update

outlook-logo1I don’t use Outlook anymore but I know that a lot of folks use it for email. The program has always bogged down when the user files get too big, and Microsoft (s msft) has released an update for Outlook 2007 that addresses these performance issues.
The guidelines from Microsoft for this updated version demonstrate clearly how bigger files are now handled better:

  • Up to 5 gigabytes (GB): This size should provide a good user experience on most hardware.
  • Between 5 GB and 10 GB: This size is typically hardware dependent. Therefore, if you have a fast hard disk and much RAM, your experience will be better. However, slower hard drives, such as drives that are typically found on portable computers or early generation solid state drives (SSDs), experience some application pauses when the drives respond.
  • More than 10 GB: This size is where short pauses begin to occur on most hardware.
  • Very large, such as 25 GB or larger: This size increases the frequency of the short pauses, especially while you are downloading new e-mail. Alternatively, you can use Send/Receive groups to manually sync your mail.

It’s clear that this new version of Outlook 2007 handles huge .PST/ .OST files much better than older versions, so it’s not an update to skip over. The update is pushed out to your system if you use Microsoft Update; otherwise, check for updates to make sure you have it. The list of other improvements and bug fixes is massive, so check it out in this Microsoft article.
(via bink.nu)