Daily Sprout

Sunset for Solar?: Solar companies and investors who planned for silicon that was scarce and high-priced must adjust their business models for a glut that looms larger than most anyone expected. First Solar (s FSLR) and other low-cost panel makers now face growing pressure on margins. — Barrons
Mazda to Skip Hybrid Tech: Mazda’s R&D chief has confirmed rumors that the company does not have the resources to commercialize its own hybrid technology, and said the resulting technology gap is a threat for the automaker. — Technology Review
Not Enough for Canada, Either: Like the Obama administration’s auto task force, Canada’s government has concluded that the plans set out by General Motors (s GM) and Chrysler’s Canadian branches do not go far enough to make them viable. — Reuters
Tighter Ship Emissions Standards On the Way: The U.S. EPA plans to impose stricter emissions standards for large ships operating within 230 miles of the nation’s coastline, starting in 2015. — Associated Press
Return of the Staffer: Career staffers at federal agencies have been able to revive proposals for environmental regulations that languished under the previous administration with the tiniest of changes. — Washington Post