Apple Q2 Financial Results Conference Call Set for April 22

applemoneyIt seems like it was only yesterday that Apple (s aapl) hosted their first-quarter 2009 financials conference call, but it was actually almost three months ago (hence why they’re called “quarterly”). Apple (s aapl) revealed the date for their upcoming second-quarter call today, which is set to take place April 22 at 2PM EST. Conference calls don’t usually contain any product revelations, but they can provide insight into company direction, and if you’re an Apple investor, in addition to being an Apple fan, it’s not to be missed.
Last time around, Apple had yet another record-breaking quarter ($10.1 billion revenue, $1.78 in earnings per share), exceeding the estimates of Wall Street and observers, and beating their performance in the same period the previous year by a fair margin. They downplayed their expectations for the second quarter on that call, which is something they always tend to do, but Wall Street expects them to perform well, with $1.13 in earnings per share and $8.2 billion in revenue.
We should see at this conference call what effect Apple’s recent desktop update has had on sales figures, and also get a better idea of the toll the recession is taking on the company, which has appeared to be rather resistant to its effects. You can bet that investors will also be watching closely because of Steve Jobs’ continued absence, which is beginning to look like less and less a factor in the company’s success, since the stock (AAPL) is performing well. Some analysts are even going so far as to claim that Apple is better off without him at the helm. Be sure to check back for a follow-up on April 22 from us here at TheAppleBlog for all the details.