Read It Later on Your iPhone

readitlaterIdeaShower’s Read It Later, a service that allows you to save interesting web pages to read later either through a Firefox extension or bookmarklets (and is so good that Judi gave it glowing review), now has a really nifty companion iPhone and iPod touch app (s aapl) that I highly recommend.
The iPhone app does everything that the Firefox extension does, giving you the ability to mark web pages to read later and then catch up on your reading at a more suitable time. It supports offline viewing of downloaded content so you can save pages to view when you might have patchy reception. The interface is nicely designed, and it’s very easy to use.
What’s really cool is that you can sync Read It Later accounts between your computer (or computers, if you have several) and your iPhone. This means that while you’re working you can easily flag interesting content to read later in your browser. Before leaving the office for your journey home or the gym, sync up your iPhone and you’ll have all of that content downloaded and ready to read. Once you read the pages, they’ll be marked as such on your iPhone and on your computer.
This type of functionality is certainly not new (the iPhone app Instapaper is similar, for example) but Read It Later is more fully-featured and has a nicer interface.
The app comes in two flavors: Free and Pro. Pro costs just $2.99 and has some nice additional features, such as the ability to view content full-screen, screen rotation settings and a “Tap to Save” bookmarklet for adding content to your Read It Later list.
Do you use Read It Later?