Palm Pre Release Date: Rumor Roundup

palm-preThose of us who cover the mobile tech space are familiar with the old adage: you can tell how popular a device is going to be by the rumors about when it will be released. This holds true for most mobile devices, and by how often (and how many) rumors are cropping up dealing with the release date of the Palm (s palm) Pre, it’s safe to say that this is a hotly awaited phone. I can’t say I remember when a phone has generated as much anticipation as the Pre. Let’s take a look at all the rumors that are appearing about the launch (most recent to oldest):
No earlier than May 16 — leaked Sprint planning document
April 30 —Twittered by a beta tester (since pulled down)
Second quarter — Sprint internal product roadmap (code-named P100)
May-June — Sprint retail employees forbidden to take vacations in May (multiple sources); they’re being trained in May, too
May 17 or June 29 — Sprint plans on two launches, first optimally, second if inventory is not great enough
Two rumors didn’t hit, so it shows how little stock should be put in rumors:
Mid-March — CNET
Feb. 15 — PreCentral