Some Good News for New Media Job Seekers

We have a message for those of you still out there looking for work: Don’t give up — people are finding jobs. Back in December, we spoke with three unemployed people about how tough it was looking for new media work. Today we are happy to report that two of those people have found full-time gigs (and no, they aren’t baristas) and the third is certainly staying busy with freelance work.
Former PopSiren host Sarah Lane is now working full-time as an “Online Producer: News” for Current. She says her role is “sort of undefined right now, but making some cool web-based original content is in the works.” At least one of her responsibilities is hosting video segments like this one asking Why We Love Twitter.

John Halecky had spent the longest amount of time looking for work after being laid off from ReelzChannel last July. He was recently hired by online movie ticketing service Fandango (s CMSCA) to manage their original online content. He credited his new gig to persistence, including regularly calling his network of people to remind them that he was still available. Finally, after months of staying in touch, a former colleague of Halecky’s who worked at Fandango had the budget to bring him on board.

While Epic-Fu producer Rick Rey may not have a full-time job per se, we’re not sure he has the time for one given all the freelance and extra-curricular activities he’s up to. He’s producing a web show called Hacking Hollywood, writing some episodes for Epic-Fu, and he co-produced some PBS coverage of the recent SXSW festival. Rey’s also started a group called New Media West, which brings together new media professionals to advocate for fair practices/equal opportunity in online video.
Though there’s no W-2 attached to those gigs, Rey is optimistic writing via email “Generally speaking the climate/tone has definitely shifted over the past few months (in my circles, at least) from trepidation to excitement…I’m in a good place right now – there’s lots of positivity around me, lots of excitement about what’s down the road, and lots of opportunities out there for indie new media producers who are willing to take chances and explore the space.”