Mikogo: Cross-Platform Screensharing

mikogoScreensharing applications are one of the essential weapons in the web workers’ arsenal and a popular topic here on WebWorkerDaily; in the past we’ve covered services such as Yuuguu and Oneeko.
The latest to join the fray is Mikogo, a cross-platform (Windows (s msft) & OS X (s aapl)) screensharing solution that’s just launched a new Mac edition with a “remote support” feature, which takes the product from a straightforward web conferencing application to a broader service, offering live support and desktop sharing for remote clients and customers.
As well as conferencing and remote support, Mikogo suggest that screensharing is useful for product demonstrations, webcasts and teaching applications. The technology allows for 10 participants in a session, more than enough for all of these scenarios.
Other features include:

  • The ability to remotely take control of a user’s mouse and keyboard
  • Presentation control can be transferred between participants
  • Participants can use customized pointers to draw attention to on-screen elements.
  • A PSTN-based voice-conferencing service (like Yuuguu, Mikogo is free to use, but is seeking to monetize through other channels, such as telephony).
  • 256-bit encryption between all parties.

The trial edition of the service appears to work well — even between Windows and OS X installations — but, like Yuuguu, the interaction design and user experience could do with some polish. I’m surprised that the simplicity of screensharing demonstrated by the likes of Apple’s iChat isn’t more widely emulated. Mikogo isn’t difficult to use, but it could certainly be clearer and easier with some smart design work.
What screensharing apps do you use and why?