StatShot: Oh My, Oprah Dominates Twitter Chatter

As widely reported last week, Oprah stormed onto the Twitter-verse on Friday (IN ALL CAPS) and instantly dominated (she already has more than 450,000 followers). Since she wasn’t on for a full week, Trendrr separated out the Oprah stats, but she was tweeted more than 23,000 times.


Elsewhere in TV Tweet-land, American Idol topped the chart, while South Park kept its social media mojo (even without fishticks).


And last, but not least, Lost** broke its own record with 32,731 tweets. Fans do indeed like it Hoth (love how Hurley was writing Empire Strikes Back).


Over at TorrentFreak’s list of the Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent, newcomer horror flick, The Uninvited, scared its way to the No. 1 spot. Other noobs to the list were Bride Wars and biopic Notorious.

TorrentFreak’s Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent As of April 19, 2009
Rank Last Week Title
1 The Uninvited
2 1 Fast & Furious
3 Bride Wars
4 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5 Notorious
6 5 The Spirit
7 6 Yes Man
8 8 Marley and Me
9 Twilight
10 10 Bedtime Stories

TorrentFreak data is based on http downloads of .torrent files from various BitTorrent sites. The data is collected by TorrentFreak and is for informational and educational reference only. Currently both DVDrips, DVD Screeners and R5 rips are counted. The “back” designation means that the title was in the list before and has reappeared, possibly in a new format.
** Lost gets separated out because the word “lost” is rather common. Trendrr believes it has stripped out the references to keys and wallets, but we still give the Oceanic Six & Co. their own graph just to be safe.