Vid-Biz: MySpace, The Guild, DVR Ads

MySpace CEO Ousted; Chris DeWolfe’s contract not being renewed, co-founder Tom Anderson’s role in the company uncertain. (release) With this announcement, Om likens MySpace to an 80s rock band whose time has come and gone.
The Guild Goes Up on Amazon; seasons 1 and 2 of Felicia Day’s web series can be pre-ordered on DVD or digital HD download. (
Interactive Ads Coming to DVRs; TiVo, Cablevision and other companies rolling out ads that appear when a user pauses or fast-forwards, and can be clicked on to access further information. (The New York Times)
Report: Hulu in Talks with Record Labels; record labels Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony negotiating to bring music videos to the premium content portal. (Bloomberg) (This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this one.)
AT&T Launches Enterprise CDN; Private Content Distribution Service designed to help big companies deliver large video behind a corporate firewall. (Contentinople) (Read Stacey’s take over at GigaOM.)
$99 Blu-ray Players? Bringing the high-definition format to China could spur a low-cost entry level player. (