Send To OneNote Fix for 64-Bit Available

microsoft_onenote_logo1Over a year ago, we commiserated in your Microsoft (s MSFT) OneNote frustrations. A key feature, the “Send to OneNote” function, simply didn’t work if you were running a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista. We heard from the OneNote team way back then and although I understand the technical challenge involved, it still left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Pity too, because I still believe that OneNote is one of the most impressive bits of software to come out of Microsoft.
We later heard of a workaround that involved snapping and sending an image of captured data; the image file was then sent into OneNote. That’s a partial help but the ability to read and convert any text or ink data was lost in translation, i.e.: not ideal.
Yesterday I got a tweet from Bhavishya telling me about a newer workaround that appears to be a far better solution. It’s not perfect, but pretty darn close and should carry OneNote users through the issue until the next release of the software. David Rasumussen developed the solution in his spare time and you can find it right on his blog. Essentially, his code uses Vista’s XPS printer driver and monitors a specific folder for new XPS files. Note that this isn’t an official solution from Microsoft, and as such, isn’t supported by them. Thanks Bhavishya!