Netflix’s Hastings Leads Top 10 Tech CEO Ratings

When I wanted to find out who were the technology sector’s top-ranked CEOs, I reached out to Glassdoor, a Sausalito, Calif.-based company that that tracks employee satisfaction. They obliged and sent us a list of the 10 top-ranked CEOs of publicly traded technology companies. CEOs are included on the list if and only if they have garnered 50 or more votes on Glassdoor’s web site. reedReed Hastings, CEO of DVD rental service Netflix (s NFLX), ranks the highest, followed by Steve Jobs of Apple (s AAPL) and Eric Schmidt of Google (s GOOG). The CEO list doesn’t surprise me — these companies are doing reasonably well despite a very bleak economy, giving their troops the confidence that comes from stability.
I wonder which CEOs one could include in a similar list for non-public/private technology companies?
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