MS Paint for OS X: Your Life Is Now Complete

paintbrush_iconI was grabbing a beer last week with a friend and we somehow stumbled onto the topic of Photoshop and how a lot of the people we know only use it for the simplest tasks: cropping, re-saving images in different formats, etc. We then joked that those people could use MS Paint, but there’s no MS Paint for OS X. Why Apple (s aapl) failed to include an MS Paint equivalent in OS X I will never know…

I’ve looked on the Internet several times for an MS Paint for OS X and always came up empty-handed. I’ve seen programs like Seashore, but they weren’t slimmed down enough; I wanted something ridiculously simple. Well friends, I’ve finally found the holy grail of simple image editing/painting for OS X: Paintbrush.
Paintbrush is available as a free download and is everything you’d expect from an MS Paint clone. It loads incredibly fast, can open almost any type of image, and lets you edit and paint images quickly and easily. Paintbrush fills the void Apple created when they removed MacPaint from the OS.