Zoho Mobile Brings Free Apps to More Phones

The Zoho suite of tools includes applications for everything from CRM to spreadsheets to project management. Zoho’s apps are particularly good for collaborative use. While Zoho already offered its applications for use on iPhones (s aapl), it’s now released Zoho Mobile, which extends its applications out to Android (s goog), BlackBerry (s rimm), Windows Mobile (s msft) and Symbian mobile devices.

You can view a presentation showing how Zoho Mobile works here. Zoho did pull a few punches with this offering, but it still looks very good. Almost all of its applications are available in Zoho Mobile. However, as also reported by jkOnTheRun, I wasn’t able to do any editing in spreadsheets. Also, it looks like documents are only viewable as plain text, and not editable. You can compose email using Zoho Mail, and Zoho’s announcement says, “going forward, the company plans to expand both the feature functionality and the portfolio of Zoho applications available in Zoho Mobile.”

Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna adds, “Mobility is an important aspect for online applications like Zoho. With Zoho Mobile, we want to provide access to your data on your preferred mobile device. All our current and future mobile initiatives will be available under Zoho Mobile as we expand mobile support for all our upcoming applications.”

It’s good to see the Zoho applications going mobile for so many popular platforms, and the interfaces for the applications on Zoho Mobile are slick and uniformly executed. I’m hoping to see a full set of editing and interactivity features added to the mix soon, as seen in Zoho’s standard web-based applications.

What do you think of Zoho Mobile?