Odd Net Out CBS Responds To Disney Joining News Corp-NBCU In Hulu

In the wake of the Disney deal with Hulu, what about CBS? (NYSE: CBS) Hulu CEO Jason Kilar told paidContent he’d love to have CBS add its programming to the video service, while CBS Interactive, representing the remaining major broadcast network without a Hulu deal, issued a careful statement about controlling its own rights “in all media” to preserve value in a multi-platform business system.

Before Hulu had a name, even before it was being referred to by some wags as ClownCo, whether or not CBS would be involved was one of the big question marks. Disney (NYSE: DIS) had a stated policy to keep video on ABC.com or in its own player, making it a less likely partner back in early 2007. Led by CEO Leslie Moonves and digital head Quincy Smith. CBS was leaning towards online video ubiquity — which meant it liked the concept but not the exclusivity required to be an equity partner. Instead, the focus went toward building the CBS Audience Network; talks to include CBS in the Hulu distribution network didn’t succeed.

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Circumstances changed last year when CBS acquired CNET Networks and with it, TV.com and its agreement to host video distributed by Hulu. And, as recently as last December, it looked like a direct deal of some sort between Hulu and CBS might be in sight. That shifted again earlier this year when TV.com relaunched with an emphasis on being a video portal