Kevin Tofel needs your thoughts and prayers

tearMy good friend and your co-host here needs your prayers.  Kevin Tofel unexpectedly lost his father yesterday and he needs our help. He’s in my thoughts in this difficult time and will you please join me in wishing Kevin and his family the strength to help each other through this trying time. Life can be hard at times, and this is certainly one of those, but we are here for you, Kevin.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin’s father, and he was a sweet man. It’s obvious that Kevin didn’t fall far from the tree and if you’d ever met his father you’d understand why Kevin is a great guy. My meeting Kevin’s father was just like meeting Kevin himself, first over Skype and later in person; he was a nice man and very proud of the work that Kevin does here.  He told me that with a big smile on his face.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Kevin. Be there for them so that you all may get through this together. I’ll keep things going here but know that this is just a gadget blog and not important in the overall scheme of things. Your family is what really matters and may you all get through this together. My heart is heavy for you and Barb and your kids.  Peace be with you my friend.