How to Upgrade Your Notebook- WebWorkerDaily and Laptop Magazine Show Us How

wwd-logoThe rise of notebook computer usage is not surprising given the capable components that are found in them currently. They can be almost as powerful as desktop equivalents and even if used in the home the ability to move them around the house is welcome to many.

What if your notebook is old and not as capable as most sold today? Can you upgrade them easily to extend the life of that old laptop? The answer is yes, and it’s likely easier than you think. It’s a process that is on the minds of many with a couple of our favorite web sites addressing them.

Our friends at WebWorkerDaily have a nice article that shows us Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Laptop. The article addresses the most common upgrades that can be done easily and it’s a good place to start when thinking about the upgrade steps.

The folks at Laptop Magazine are also thinking about laptop upgrades and they have just started a new series that addresses Mobile MakeOvers for those older notebook computers. The first video tutorial addresses how to turn an old anemic laptop into a media hub for the home. They show how to easily do this and describe the cheap components necessary to create a media hub that operates via remote control.

So check out these sources if you are wondering what you can do to extend the usefulness of an old laptop in your life. You may find it easier to make it a good computing tool in your kit than you think. Don’t discard that old clunker yet.