The Guild Season 3 to Be Hosted by Microsoft, Sponsored by Sprint (Again)

Web video it-girl Felicia Day has signed Microsoft to distribute and Sprint to sponsor her show The Guild‘s third season, which airs this summer. As we all await the future of our soap operatic gang of gamer nerds, we know that creator and star Felicia Day (and everyone else) will keep getting paid.

Day had previously chosen Microsoft (s MSFT) and Sprint (s S) last season because they allowed her to retain full rights to the show, paying an upfront fee for an exclusive airing window. Since her star has only risen since then, a new deal must have been at least as favorable. The trade-off is that The Guild is locked up on MSN Video, which is not particularly full-featured. From what we can see, episode play counts on MSN seem to generally be around 200,000. For season 1, which was hosted on YouTube, views for an average episode are more like 750,000, with a high of 2.5 million views for the pilot.

The multi-Streamy Award-winning show is also available on DVD or VOD through Amazon. Day had also starred in Joss Whedon’s breakthrough web musical Dr. Horrible last year.