Vid-Biz: MTV, Day One, 100M Views

New MTV Show Will Split Ad Revenue with Twitter and Facebook; What You’re Watching with Alexa Chung will be a joint venture between the three, incorporating social media aspects — while paying for them. (paidContent)

Jesse Alexander’s Day One Gets Picked Up; NBC to run this show about a band of post-apocalypse survivors, transmedia elements are bound to follow from the former Heroes writer. (The Global Couch)

The 100 Million Views Club; Visible Measures compiles a list of the most-watched viral vids of all time (Susan Boyle is No. 5). (Visible Measures)

Ultradome to Be a Battleground for Geeks; new web series from Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia will pit pop culture icons against each other (who would win in a fight between Gandalf and Darth Vader?). (The Hollywood Reporter)

Who Picks Up the Tab for 3D Glasses? Studios and theaters bicker over the cost of the disposable eyewear. (Variety)

Heavy Tweeting, Men’s Video Site Holds Twitter Dating Contest;’s “Massive Mating Game” will pit guys against each other to win a date in Las Vegas. (emailed release)

Vizio Signs Macrovision for Interactive Program Guide; deal will incorporate Macrovision’s navigation, sorting and scheduling technology into future Vizio products. (release)

Disney Releasing Two Versions of Some DVDs; movies like Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience will have all value-added material in the retail market, but will only be bare bones for rental. (Variety)