Yahoo Video Gets “Streamlined”

Yahoo Video, which has remained one of the most popular video sites without hardly trying, is going through some changes. We’ve been told many members of the team have quit or been laid off amidst a lack of strategic direction. Valleywag also reports that YouTube has seen an influx of Yahoo Video resumes. The company confirmed that the group has been “streamlined” as part of ongoing reorganization, to be laid out tomorrow.

Yahoo’s various video projects have not fared particularly well. Recently, it shut down live-streaming service Yahoo Live as well as web video-editing service Jumpcut, which it had acquired in 2006. Its original content initiatives have been stop-and-go. Flickr held off on adding video until only a year ago, and restricts video uploads to the point they can only be an afterthought to photos. Another acquisition, video delivery platform Maven Networks, has been left to pasture (though it still appears to power video for sites like Fox News), despite a $160 million purchase price. Chris skewered a Yahoo Video redesign of a year ago for failing to connect the dots of all of Yahoo’s video assets.

But the massiveness of the Yahoo portal can’t be overlooked. Only in February did Hulu knock off Yahoo to become the No. 2 U.S. video site, according to Nielsen.

It’s unclear exactly what remains of the Yahoo Video team. Emails to Shravan Goli, previously general manager of Yahoo Video, bounced today. A Yahoo spokesperson declined to comment on specific personnel issues. She said “video does remain a priority,” but the team is going through “a bit of a reorganization to streamline some things.” Yahoo Video will now be a part of Yahoo’s new audience and network programming division, whose leadership will be announced tomorrow, she said.